02 August 2018

Rushton’s The Bacon Stall is a firm favourite on Darwen Market and has been for more than 50 years. However, it is the end of an era, as the old shop has been demolished to make way for a fully renovated, modern, fit for purpose stall that can be found in the same location. Verity, Dean and the team have been busy continuing to serve customers on a temporary stand whilst keeping a close eye on the progress of their new stall. After a tantalising few weeks hidden behind the safety hoarding the new stall has been revealed.

Rushton’s The Bacon Stall sells locally sourced, delicious bacon and sausages. It also sells cooked meats, eggs, jams, sweet and savoury pies, and homemade cooked potatoes, coleslaw, sandwiches, and meals. Whether you are looking for something ready to eat for lunch, or for something to warm through at home, or if you are sourcing ingredients for your own home cooked meal; Rushton’s has it all!

Proprietor and Darwen Market representative Verity Ryan said;

“All our produce is sourced as locally as possible. Our bacon is sourced and smoked in a real smoked house which is what makes it the best bacon in town. We sell famous Carrs pasties which we cook on site; Cissy Greens pies made famous by Ade Edmondson from Haslingden and we cherry pick from many local bakeries to make sure we only sell the best quality at the best price.”

Verity added;

“So many customers have visited saying it looks bright, clean and appealing. Customers have returned that haven’t been in for a while and we have had some new customers as a result. Lots of people saw this as a sign that we are staying, which of course, we are! This shows that the Council are supporting Darwen Market, with good investment and keeping good relations with traders old and new. We are really excited for the future of the market and the town centre.”

Cllr. Phil Riley said;

“It is great to see the difference that the investment in Darwen is having. With the redevelopment of Darwen Market Square, improvements in Darwen Market and in the promotion of the town, it feels like there is a positive move forward being made.”

The refurbishment will mean that Rushton’s can continue to trade on Darwen market in the way that customers know and love.