Candy Rush is every sweet lover’s dream with assorted sweets, chocolates and candy, there is an abundance of choice for customers of all ages.

With traditional favourites such as pear drops, menthol, rum and butter, black and white mints, liquorice root and Pontefract cakes you can choose just as much as you want. If you miss the sweets of your school days, you will probably find them here, including golden gum nuggets, Anglo bubble gum, cola cubes and sherbet pips.

As well as Snowcone Slushies in blue raspberry, strawberry and red cherry flavours and milkshakes. The American candy and chocolate range is includes Swedish Fish, Jolly Ranchers, Airheads and Hershey’s Kisses.

People love the penny tray selections, drinks and the frozen selections. They also specialises in sweetie bouquets and gift boxes. These can be made to order to include your favourite sweets or you can choose from the ready-made selection. If arranging a children’s birthday party they are happy to put together sweetie goodie bags.