Julie has run Tease Your Tastebuds for over 7 years and her range of bread, t-cakes, confectionery, homemade pies & scones justify the name of the stall.

Freshly baked bread and homemade treats including her popular cottage pies,  large beef & onion pies, cheese & onion pies, meat & potato pies and sausage rolls,  as well as her freshly made soups & broths . She also provides pies from the award winning Bowen’s Bakery & serves them hot or cold.

If you want a sweet treat there is a fabulous range to choose from including  vanilla slices, apple turnovers, jam & cream scones, Manchester tarts, sponge cakes, custards & much more.

Julie has incorporated her biscuit stall into Tease Your Tastebuds which has a range of loose biscuits and choices for people who want sugar free & gluten free products. Biscuits include Yorkshire Parkin, Shrewsbury, Ginger Snap, Queen Drop, Chocolate Chip, Lemon Drop etc…

Julie can also provide food & buffets for outside events.

Tease Your Taste Buds can be found in the main Market Hall.


m: 07934 604 217 or 07922 337 474